ATTACK ON TITAN and Marvel Crossover Will Feature The Avengers

Some new details have surfaced regarding that Attack on Titan and Marvel Comics crossover that was announced by Marvel Comics talent scout C.B. Cebulski a couple of days ago. A piece of concept art showed Spider-Man swinging away from a couple of Titans chasing after him. It looks like Spider-Man won't be the only one involved, though. The upcoming comic will also feature the Avengers team!

According to Japanese pop culture magazine Brutus, issue #790 will include a "what if" comic that will feature the Avengers battling a giant female Titan in the streets of New York City. Could we see Tony Stark develop some kind of giant Titan fighting armor for this battle? Because that would be badass! 

Unfortunately, as of right now, there are no plans to release the comic crossover in the US. It's a Japanese exclusive, but I wouldn't worry. I'm sure it will find its way onto the internet. We won't even have to wait that long for it either, as the comic is set to be released in Japan later this month on November 15th.

Here's an idea... Phase 4 of Marvel's Cinamatic Universe should end with Avengers: Attack on Titan! Season 2 of the anime is currently in development, and there's a live-action movie currently in production, which will be incredibly interesting to see. 

Via: Nerdist and the fan-made image at the top was found on Nerdbastards.

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