ATTACK ON TITAN Season 2 Confirmed


In case it hasn’t been evident in your geek circle, Attack on Titan has been a huge success stateside. Cons are flooded with cosplay, Adult Swim is pulling in crowds with it’s English dub running during Toonami, and the money is pouring in for the creators. So it’s no surprise that the show creators announced a second season to the series based off the manga of the same name.

Crunchyroll claims that during a Q&A, creator/showrunner George Wada confirmed that Season 2 of the series is in preproduction. It’s nice to hear that the series has been given a thumbs up when there were doubts it could see any progression outside the manga.

Other cool stuff mentioned during the Q&A was that Wada was first inspired to develop the series for anime when he envisioned it as Spider-Man vs. Pacific Rim. I never thought of it like that, but with the 3D gear they use, that’s totally what Attack on Titan is like! Now I’m desperate to see a mashup Spider-man wearing Pilot gear! Cosplayers: Make this happen and send it to me!

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