ATTACK ON TITAN Is Getting a Marvel Comics SPIDER-MAN Crossover!

Attack on Titan is one badass action-packed anime that has generated a huge following over the years. Season 2 of the anime is currently in development, and there's a live-action movie in the works. You can spot a ridiculous number of Attack on Titan cosplayers at any geek convention. We now have word from Marvel Comics talent scout C.B. Cebulski that there is going to be a crossover with Marvel's Spider-Man! He even released a piece of teaser art to get your geek juices flowing! Here are the series of Tweets that Cebulski sent out:

"Three days in Tokyo is never enough but the trip was a super success. Big news coming soon that will blow the minds of @Marvel & manga fans!"
"I loved "Marvel Team-Up" and "What If?" as a kid. I would spend hours dreaming up my own crossovers & alternate reality stories. (cont.)"
"As I got more into manga, I always imagined how cool it would be for the Marvel characters to cross into the pages of manga worlds. (cont.)"
"For many decades & multiple reasons, almost no manga, especially popular titles, crossed into other comic universes... until now! (cont.)"
"If you ever wondered, "What if the titans from Hajime Isayama's "Attack on Titan"  attacked the Marvel universe?", you'll find out soon!!"
"Not a joke, folks. Attack on Titan and the @Marvel universe are crossing over! In 2 weeks. In Japan. Want a teaser? "

That's is all of the information that we have now, but there's no doubt that this is going to be an epic event for fans, and I can't wait to see what the story entails. It's going to be so cool to see Spider-Man fight against these giant titans! Especially with him possibly swinging alongside the Survey Corps, Garrison, and Military Police Brigade divisions, who, as you know, use their Vertical Maneuvering Equipment to battle these titans. Spider-Man will fit right in. I'm super stoked about this! As soon as more details are revealed I'll let you know!

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