ATTACK ON TITAN Season 3 Announced For 2018 with a Promo Teaser

Guess what!? Attack on Titan fans won't have to wait four years for the third season of the crazy awesome anime series! It was just announced in a recently released promo teaser that Season 3 of the series will premiere in 2018!

If you've been watching Season 2, then you know how insane things have gotten. I'm still in the process of watching Season 2, but I'm looking forward to seeing how it closes out. It'll definitely be interesting to see how the story continues through the third season.

The hype for this series has seemed to die down over the years because fans were waiting so damn long for Season 2. Since the new season has been airing, the hype has been building back up again. It's good to know fans will have a new season of the series waiting for them next year. 

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