Audio Dramatization of George Lucas Showing His Friends STAR WARS for the First Time in New BLOCKBUSTER Podcast


From the mind of Emmy Winner Matt Schrader comes Blockbuster, “a six-part docu-narrative podcast dramatizing the friendship of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg as they were making their formative films, Star Wars and Jaws, with the help of composer of John Williams.”

The podcast series was created with intensive research by Schrader, who allows fans of the directors and composer to be a fly on the wall in the time that their careers were about to skyrocket and history was being made.

blockbuster podcast.jpg

The podcast is available to subscribe to on Apple and Spotify if you are excited by this project.

The following clip follows Lucas (voiced by Ray Chase), showing his friends Star Wars for the first time. The friends and their voices are Spielberg (Max Mittelman), Brian De Palma (Lex Lang, who also voices Harrison Ford), and his wife and editor, Marcia Lucas (Julia McIlvaine).  

Listen below and let us know what you think of this original idea:

via: io9

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