Aunt Cass Faces Off Against Gordon Ramsay with Alton Brown as the Judge in BIG HERO 6 Clip

Big Hero 6 is getting ready to release its TV series and there’s a great new clip that features Aunt Cass. I loved Aunt Cass in the film and can’t wait to see more of her in the series and it looks like we’ll see her take on a TV chef at some point who is named Bolton Gramercy. Bolton will be voiced by Gordon Ramsay and the event will be judged it seems by Yum Laboughé who has the voice of Alton Brown. Aunt Cass will have to outdo Bolton Gramercy in making a crème brûlée that includes some outrageous ingredients. This show has some potential, so I’ll probably give it a go for at least a few episodes. Are you excited to see Hiro and the gang again?

Big Hero 6: The Series had its premiere event on Saturday, June 9, 2018, and Sunday, June 10. Did you watch it?

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