AVENGERS 4 Toy Packaging Reveals Very Different Costume Designs For Thor and Rocket Raccoon

Some Avengers 4 toy packaging promo art has surfaced online and if shows us new costume designs for Thor and Rocket Raccoon. The new look that they are sporting here is very different from what we’ve seen them wearing before and I dig it.


As you’ll see, both characters are wearing white-and-black spacesuits, with red glowing lights. The outfits also include the Avengers logo printed on the left side of the chest, which means they come from Tony Stark. Check them out here:

The bottom right corner of the packaging also shows advertising for Captain Marvel and Captain America. While Captain Marvel is wearing her classic suit, Steve Rogers is wearing the white-and-black suit similar to Thor and Rocket.

It looks like the Avengers are going to be doing some space travel! Maybe Captain Marvel is going to come down and take them on a crazy cosmic adventure in Avengers 4 to hunt down Thanos!

I like the designs of the new suits they are wearing, and seeing Thor and Rocket together makes me happy. I was hoping to see their friendship explored a bit more in Avengers 4.

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