AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Comic-Con Footage Description

After waiting over twelve hours in line to make it to the Marvel panel at Comic-Con and waiting all day in Hall H, we were blessed with many things. It all culminating with the trailer of Avengers: Age of Ultron. The majority of the heroes were present for the panel and even though their banter was witty and entertaining, nothing compared to the trailer that we were shown.

The footage starts with the Avengers hanging out in the Stark penthouse drinking and trying to lift Thor's hammer. Tony asks, Whoever picks it up is the king of Asgard? Thor says, Yes. Tony tries to lift it, and when he can't tells the gang that he'll be right back. When he does come back he's armed with an Iron Man glove that has miniature rockets on it. Of course, it doesn't work. He even tries do it with Rhodey and his War Machine glove, and it doesn't budge. Hawkeye and Bruce Banner try with no luck. When Steve Rogers tries he moves it just a little, causing a look of concern on Thor's face, but no one else seems to notice. After everyone cracks a few jokes, you hear the voice of Ultron saying… "“The path to peace … is with your extinction.” He then breaks through the door looking beat to crap out of the Avengers and calls them killers. When he is done speaking four Ultron clones come busting through the wall and attack!

We hear a voiceover of Ultron and see destruction throughout the world. What's interesting is that it seems like our heroes become divided, and start to face off against each other. 

It cuts to a close up of Tony Stark saying, "I always knew that it would end this way." We then see Stark facing off with Hulk in the hulkbuster suit, and it's freakin' amazing! There are some more scenes of carnage, and then they show Hulk and Ironman clash. 

In the end after a shot of the title we see Tony Stark looking at hundreds of Ultrons broken on the ground as well as Captain's shield ripped in half and all of the Avengers lying lifeless on the ground.

That's where it ended, and the crowd went wild!  

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