I try not to pay too much attention to film clips that are unveiled before a movie is released, because I'd much rather see them in context when I'm actually watching the movie. But I'm definitely in the minority with that opinion, because Marvel has released two new clips for Avengers: Age of Ultronbringing the total number of clips up to a staggering 14. Take the trailers and other extended looks into account, and there's a decent chunk of the film that's already available for anyone to see right now before the film opens in the U.S. this week. But fans can't get enough of the Marvel films, so I suppose the studio knows what it's doing.

In the first clip, we see Captain America and Thor teaming up to save a woman in a car from a long drop to certain doom. I saw the film a couple of weeks ago, and some of its best moments involve our heroes breaking off into various mini-teams to get things done. Under the direction of Joss Whedon, those different permutations are always fascinating to watch, and they result in a bunch of geek-tastic shots that are going to drive fans crazy. (It's also a nice antidote to the anti-civilian vibe of Man of Steel.)

The second clip shows Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver meeting Ultron, and it gives you all a great sense of the kind of dialogue you can expect from James Spader's character: philosophical, but also kind of snarky.

Via: CBR

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