AVENGERS: ENDGAME Poster, Trailer Break Down, and Discussion

Earlier this morning Marvel unleashed the first trailer for Avengers: Endgame. For the most part it did the trick and got fans super excited for what is to come.

The trailer didn’t offer much information. It basically got us caught up on the mood of the surviving members of the Avengers shortly after “The Snap.”

We have a new poster to share with you for the film and I also thought I’d use the opportunity to do a trailer break down and start a discussion.

A part of me thinks that we won’t even see most of this footage in the final cut of the film. This trailer does a great job of setting the mood, and I think that that’s all this footage was meant for. I could be wrong, but it wouldn’t be the first time Marvel has shared footage in a trailer that wasn’t in the final cut of the movie.

Check out the poster below and then we’ll get into the break down:

On with the screenshots and discussion!

Tony Stark drifting in space just waiting to die as he’s run out of food and the oxygen is going fast, which is why he’s recording a farewell message to Pepper Potts. I’m sure somehow he’ll end up being saved at the last minute.

Here’s a shot of Thanos’ armor on display on the planet that I guess he’s retiring on. It was pointed out in the comments of the trailer that this was pulled right out of the comics.

Thanos is still wearing the damaged Infinity Gauntlet, which is likely now fused to his skin after “The Snap”.

The Avengers facility is looking a little run down and empty.

The effects of the event are still fresh enough to where Captain America is still in mourning and struggling with what happened.

Everyone is looking a little broken at this point and Black Widow is still sporting the blonde hair.

Here we see Bruce banner looking at some of the people who are missing or dead and as you can see Black Panther’s Shuri is one of them.

Thor is all decked out in street clothes looking devastated at the events that occurred. I’m sure he’s feeling a lot of the blame since he didn’t aim for the head.

Here we see Nebula, who I assume is on the ship drifting through space with Tony Stark.

Hawkeye is back and he’s looking badass as Ronin! The thing is, it’s clear that the poor guy has lost his family and now he’s out for vengeance. Black Widow is meeting him here and I have a feeling that he might be the key to defeating Thanos.

Captain America is clean shaven and he’s wearing the Super Soldier suit from Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Peggy Carter! It was an interesting choice to include a photo of Peggy Carter in the trailer, but I loved it! I have no idea what it could mean, but is there a chance that Rogers will see her again while time traveling or in an alternate universe? Maybe Cap just busts out the photo for luck and if he dies, at least he’ll get to see her again.

Black Widow tells Roger that, “This is going to work”. What’s going to work!? Obviously they have a plan, but what does that plan involve!? Time travel? Going to space to save Tony Stark? Entering the quantum realm?

Ant-Man managed to somehow find his way out of the Quantum Realm and shows up to the Avengers facility surprising the hell out of Stave Rogers and Black Widow because they thought he was dead.

If you have anything to point out or add to this that I may have missed please feel to share in the comments!

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