AVENGERS: ENDGAME Toy Images Give Look at Ronin's Mask and Valkyrie

Hawkeye was nowhere to be found in Avengers: Infinity War which sent fans looking for answers. Then, the trailer for Avengers: Endgame dropped and it showed Hawkeye as what one can only assume is Ronin. This of course was not beyond fan expectations, but it does raise the question of why the change. I’m sure many fans will agree the prevailing theory is that Clint Barton has gone from Hawkeye to Ronin as a result of his family being snapped away from the Decimation. We have some new evidence that supports this though.

Some images have come out of what appear to be the toys for Endgame that may give us a clue as to Clint’s transformation. I personally am taking these images with a grain of salt with how secretive and careful Marvel has been about Endgame and Infinity War. The image shows Ronin’s mask, but it’s not a full mask per most comics. Instead, it has an area for the eyes that resembles Ultimate Hawkeye. This makes a lot of sense as Ultimate Hawkeye had a secret family similar to MCU Hawkeye. This would also confirm the death of MCU Hawkeye’s family as their death is what brings Ultimate Hawkeye to wear a mask similar to what has been seen for the toy.

Another character missing from Infinity War was fan favorite Valkyrie. We’ve heard that she was helping Asgardians escape after Thanos attacked at the beginning of Infinity War, and we know that she has survived the Decimation. There are even some images of a Valkyrie toy for Endgame and I just feel whelmed. The armor she is wearing reminds me a lot of her armor from the end of Thor: Ragnarok, just more white and gold instead of grey and silver.

What do you think of these toy images?

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