AVENGERS: ENDGAME Writers Reveal Details on Cut Scene From Final Battle

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Some people may think that the writers of Avengers: Endgame didn’t leave a single thing out of the over three hour long movie, and those people are almost right! The directors of the film didn’t leave much to scrap or reshoot in the process of making the final movie in the 22 movie MCU arc. Co-Director Joe Russo has mentioned in separate interviews, that run time “really hasn’t changed since we executed the first cut of the film.”

“Even though we’ve shot a lot of footage between now and then, we’ve swapped things out and the water keeps rising to the same level because the story’s so dense. We have so many characters that we’re working with again that require that kind of run time.”

“We have almost everything in this movie that we shot.”

Co-Director Anthony Russo added:

“We love tight, propulsive storytelling. We like movies that are very dense in what they’re offering you moment to moment so that when you revisit them, there’s more there to keep chewing on. We try to structure movies that are very tight, and this is a tight three hours.”

So it seems as though the deleted scenes portion of the special features won’t be such a treasure trove, but in a recent interview with the New York Times, co-writer for the film, Stephen McFeely said this about one of the few deleted scenes:

“It didn’t play well, but we had a scene in a trench where, for reasons, the battle got paused for about three minutes and now there’s 18 people all going, ‘What are we going to do?’ ‘I’m going to do this.’ ‘I’m going to do this. Just bouncing around this completely fake, fraudulent scene. When you have that many people, it invariably is, one line, one line, one line. And that’s not a natural conversation.”

Co-writer Christopher Markus added:

“It also required them to find enough shelter to have a conversation in the middle of the biggest battle. It wasn’t a polite World War I battle where you have a moment.”

It’s pretty obvious that the story was very clear from the beginning in the minds of the writers and directors because it translated so well on the screen. The three hours flew by and told a beautiful story that did justice to the end of this 22 movie story the fans have loved for the last eleven years. Even if Spider-Man: Far From Home is the actual end. I don’t care. This felt very end-like to me.

Do you think any other scene could have been cut from the movie? (I don’t.) Are you excited to see the few deleted scenes once Endgame comes out to own? (I am.)

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