AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Concept Art, IMAX Poster, and Black Order Promo Art

A new piece of concept art has surfaced for Avengers: Infinity War thanks to D23 and it features several of the heroes that fill the MCU gathered together and ready to fight. This is an early piece of concept art for the film as most of the heroes are sporting their older costume and character designs. The art above was created by Ryan Meinerding.

I also included an IMAX poster below that has some "IMAX" Easter eggs as well as a piece of promo art featuring Thanos' Black Order.

We have yet to see any footage from the film of all the Avengers gathered together. Everything we've seen shows them in small groups, except for the Wakanda battle scenes, but that's probably nothing compared to what this movie has in store for fans.

We know that at one point every hero will be on the same screen together and that is going to be epic! When previously talking about that scene, the Russo Bros. teased:

"If you had a comic book and you open it up to your double panel and then you fold it out. And then you folded it out again and again... and you have another comic book laid out next to it."

That's how massive that scene is going to be! Pretty damn exciting, isn't it!? The movie hits theaters on April 27th!

Empire goes on to point out that there are four hidden IMAX logos hidden in the poster. The reason behind this is to recognize that Infinity War is the first Hollywood film shot entirely with IMAX cameras. Thanks to a fan on Reddit, you can see the logo pointed out below:

Finally, this promo art features the villainous Black Order which consists of Ebony Maw, Cull Obsidian, Corvus Glaive, and Proxima Midnight.


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