AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Takes Inspiration From Heist Films


The minds behind Avengers: Infinity War, Anthony Russo and Joe Russo, recently had an interview with CNET where we learned that there will be many unexpected characters as well as other surprises. From that same interview, we learned a bit more about Thanos (played by Josh Brolin) and his role in the upcoming movie. When asked about their love of subverting genre, Russo responded with the following:

With "Infinity War," the biggest new element to the movie is Thanos and the fact that he's entering the storytelling in a very bold, strong way, to the degree that he's almost one of the leads. We've shaped an interesting narrative around him that in some ways leans heavily on a heist film in the fact that he's going after the infinity stones in a much bolder, successful way than he has in the past. The entire movie has that energy of the bad guy being one step ahead of the heroes. We looked at a lot of movies that had that heist-style energy to them, [and] that brought some inspiration.

So, it looks like Thanos is really taking to heart when he said, “Fine. I’ll do it myself” back in Avengers: Age of Ultron. I figured that meant he was going to find the infinity stones and take them by force, but now I’m doubting that idea. It definitely has me very interested to see Thanos obtaining the stones, and I’m actually really happy that it appears he will play a more prominent role in this film. Maybe he won’t feel like a super generic villain. Maybe we’ll learn enough about him that he’ll gain half the love that Loki has from fans (one can dream).

Are you excited about this spark of inspiration? How do you think Thanos will get the stones?

Avengers: Infinity War comes to theaters on May 4, 2018. 

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