AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Theater Standee Gives Us Our Best Look Yet at Iron Spider with His Extra Arms

A photo has surfaced of an international theater standee for Avengers: Infinity War and it gives us our best look yet at Tom Holland's Iron Spider sporting his extra arms. As you can see, they match the suit and feature a red, blue, and black color scheme. Most of the promo art that we've seen of them show them as being gold.

I can't wait to see Iron Spider in action with these bad boys! I'm curious to see how exactly they will be utilized and if they will actually help when trying to take down Thanos. 

It looks like Iron Spider/Spider-Man will be spending a lot of time with Tony Stark in the film along with Doctor Strange, Star-Lord, and Drax, which is a pretty fun combination. I really do hope that we get to see him share a few scenes with the Hulk, though! Spider-Man and the Hulk was always a fun combination in the. comics.

You can check out the theater standee below: 

Source: Reddit

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