Awe-Inspiring Video of What it's Like to Fly Through Fireworks

Videosby Joey Paur

Some guy took out his phantom drone during a fireworks show, and sent it up into the line of fire to give us a glimpse at what it's like to being the middle of a barrage of exploding fireworks. The result is breathtakingly beautiful. I didn't think there would be much too it before I watch, but I found myself entranced and blissfully happy with what I was seeing. I'm sure the song they put in with it had something to do with how it made me feel as well. It was Arcade Fire's Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains), and it worked perfectly. If you want to see something magical today then watch this video!

Luckily the drone wasn't hit and sent out of control spinning through the sky on fire crash landing on a highway where it could cause a major accident or into an area that could catch on fire. It's so cool though! Thanks to io9 for the heads up.

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