Cool Disney Character and PACIFIC RIM Art Mash-up Series

Ursa Major – Merida & Elinor

I am always amazed at what some artists can think of. This is one of my new favorite art series. It is called Disney Jaegers, and it's by Tumblr artist Lou-Jiinsy

It is not just the art, which is amazing, but the stories behind every picture are outstanding. I love the fact that she meticulously chooses the characters and who they would drift with the best. The most disturbing are the pilots of the Frozen Heart, Hans and Ana. However, when I read her explanation, I totally understand. 

What other Disney pairs do you think would be great pilots together? I've included the story for the above picture, but to see the rest, you'll have to check out her Tumblr.

The last person Merida ever expected to be drift compatible with was her mother. Growing up they had a lot of disputes about… well about pretty much everything. Elinor had a very strict idea of what her daughter should be doing and should not be doing and absolutely about where she should be going during the days while she and her husband went off on missions.

But when her father lost his leg and decided to go into early retirement she stepped up to the plate and found just what an amazing team she and her mother could make. Fergus coaches from the sidelines, but honestly the ladies know what they are doing and use their expertise in range weapons to protect the coasts in their Jaeger (Ursa Major) 

Enjoy the rest!

Victor Delta - Dash and Violet 

Frozen Heart - Hans and Anna 

Arabian Knight – Jasmine & Aladdin

Evening Star – Tiana & Naveen

Ohana King - Lilo and Nani 

Dream Giver – Nakoma & Pocahontas

Shepherd’s Crystal – Kida & Milo

Golden Trident – Ariel & Eric

Gilded Emperor - Kuzco and Pacha

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