Awesome Fan Art Shows Us What the Doom Legion Could Look Like in the DCEU


The DCEU has not gone over well with many fans and non-fans alike. The films range from awful to decent with the only one with high praise from critics and fans being Wonder Woman. That’s one out of five and not that high. Hopefully, they’ll be able to turn things around with Aquaman this December and Shazam! in April. If DC gets their act together and turns out more successes than failures, we may get to a point where we could potentially see the Justice League take on the Legion of Doom (fans can dream, right?). Bryanzap is an artist that has shown what a team up of villains could look like.

You’ll notice that in addition to the likes of Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam and Michael Shannon as Zod, there are even some villains that haven’t been announced yet such as Reverse-Flash and Metallo. This art makes me want DC to get to a point where they can give us a Legion of Doom.

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