Awesome Games Done Quick, Speed Runs for Charity Live Streaming All Week


The gaming community is starting the year with a bang with Awesome Games Done Quick 2014. Also known as AGDQ, it is a live streaming event where players complete games as quickly as possible (called a speed run) in the name of charity. The charity in question in the Prevent Cancer Foundation, and in just one day they have raised over $100,000. You can donate to make yourself eligible for prizes or to participate in one of the many bidding wars currently taking place. You can bid on which characters get played, with paths in games to take or even entire games themselves. It’s a fun way to make even donating to charity a bit of a game itself.

The speed run streaming will be taking place 24 hours a day until January 11, so there will be plenty of fun to watch over the next week. Check it out at

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