Awesome New STAR WARS: EPISODE VIII Details on Knights of Ren Action Scene

Some more details have surfaced regarding Rian Johnson's Star Wars: Episode VIII, and these are the most awesome details about the movie that I’ve heard so far! There’s a good chance that the information provided by Making Star Wars is true. A source claims to have seen Johnson directing a crucial action sequence involving The Knights of Ren, and it sounds freakin’ amazing!


The Knight of Ren are tracking down Luke Skywalker and Rey, and they apparently come across them on the coast of Ahch-To. The site explains that Rey is reluctant, and maybe even angry at Luke Skywalker, because she has to kill Kylo Ren and she doesn’t want to do it. 

The scene that follows is described in the following points:

  • Luke Skywalker and Rey are on Ahch-To just before nightfall as the sun sets in the background and it starts to rain.
  • Rey’s hair is pulled back. She doesn’t have the vest from VII on.
  • Kylo Ren and The Knights of Ren turn up along the coast.
  • Kylo Ren continues advancing towards the heroes with the Knights of Ren.
  • Kylo does not wear the mask here.
  • Kylo has the same cross guard saber as he did in VII.
  • Kylo’s costume looked the same as in VII.
  • Rey and Kylo Ren duel one-on-one and end up fighting alongside the cliff face over looking the nighttime water.
  • Kylo wants his revenge after Rey disgraced him.
  • The Knights of Ren go for Luke Skywalker while Rey is left for Kylo.
  • Luke Skywalker engages the knights on the beach while Kylo attempts to kill Rey.
  • The first black knight has an axe and moves towards the Luke but is Force pushed away to his death after being thrown through the air.
  • After Luke dispatches the first knight he ignites his green lightsaber.
  • Luke moves through each knight one by one.
  • Rey and Kylo’s battle moves up to the side of a cliff.
  • Suddenly Rey is nowhere to be seen. She’s taken out of the battle, either wounded or appears to go over the side of the cliff.
  • Luke Skywalker casually walks towards Kylo to finish him but Kylo retreats when he sees Skywalker and his crew defeated.
  • Luke Skywalker is a badass Jedi and he’ll destroy your squad. 

I love this, and it’s cool to learn that Luke will be fighting with The Force and his lightsaber, which is the same green lightsaber that was introduced in Return of the Jedi. There was apparently a lot of wire-work involved with this scene, so it seems Luke is going to be throwing people all over the place. 

For now we can only speculate as to what happens to Rey and why Luke lets Kylo run. I’m sure that Rey survives because she’s the star of this trilogy. But why didn’t Luke go after Kylo? After taking out the rest of the Knight of Ren, you’d think Luke could overpower Kylo. It seems to me like maybe he allowed Kylo to get away. Is Rey the one that has to kill him? So many questions!

We’ll just have to wait to find out the answers to them when the movie is released on December 15, 2017.

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