Awesome Teaser Trailer For Disney's Unproduced HAUNTED MANSION Animated Series

There was a time when Disney was developing an animated series based on their classic theme park ride Haunted Mansion. It was being developed by the creator of Kubo and the Two StringsShannon Tindle, and he recently shared a teaser trailer showing off what they were looking to do. 

Unfortunately, production on the series was shut down and nothing ever happened with it. It looked like it would have been great, though! 

According to Cartoon Brew, Tindle and a small team were developing two different pilots for an animated Haunted Mansion series. One would have been an ongoing series, while the other would have been more of a limited series. When talking about it, Tindle said:

"My goal was to take inspiration from all the backstories created by the artists at WED (Disney's Imagineering division) and stitch it into one, giant narrative. The story would span several years and focus on different characters, but add up to one big, interconnected story."

He went on to talk about the tone of the series saying that it would have had "a lot of fun and silly elements to it." It's explained that "it would be contained within a larger story in which viewers entered the show through the eyes of a character struggling with grief over a recently-lost loved one." 

“I love playing with tone and animation (particularly a property that has ghosts as part of its DNA) is particularly good at weaving broad fun with deeply emotional stories.”

I love the tone of this teaser and I would have loved to see this series get made! It's a shame that Disney canceled it before giving it a real shot.

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