Awesome Trailer for Will Smith and David Ayer's Fantasy Cop Thriller BRIGHT

Netflix debuted the first trailer for Will Smith's upcoming fantasy cop thriller Bright, and this movie looks so cool! It comes from director David Ayer, who most recently directed Smith in DC Entertainment's Suicide Squad.

The film also stars Joel Edgerton (Warrior) and Noomi Rapace (Prometheus) and is set in a fantasy world where mystical creatures live side by side with humans. The story revolves around a human cop (Smith) who is forced to partner up with an Orc (Edgerton) and "their ordinary beat takes a decidedly unordinary turn when they wind up coming into the possession of a massively powerful (and highly illegal) weapon: a magic wand." There's also an elf into who came to have the wand, and she comes under the protection of the two cops as the wand is being hunted down by evil villains. 

I love that shot of Smith in his cop uniform holding a medieval fantasy broadsword. Unfortunately, we have to wait until freakin' December before we see it! Not sure why they released a trailer so damn early, but I am excited about it! 

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