Awesome WARCRAFT Movie Armor on Display at Comic-Con

Last night I had the opportunity to go to the Legendary booth at Comic-Con to check out some stuff for their upcoming film Warcraft, and while there I had the opportunity to take some photos of some of the extremely cool armor that we'll see in the film, a big-ass statue of an orc, and I got to talk to director Duncan Jones about his highly-anticipated film. That interview will be posted later, but he has two other Warcraft movies planned that he wants to take on after he makes his next film, which he hopes is Mute. Mute is a Blade Runner-inspired project he's been working on for years.

The armor and statues on display at the booth are freakin' badass! They were created by Weta Workshop, and as you can see, the detail on this stuff is incredible! These are going to look spectacular up on the big screen. 

When briefly talking to Weta Workshop co-founder Richard Taylor, he gushed over his excitement for being able to work on this movie. It was a challenge for them to create, and there was a long process of designing this armor and the creatures in the film, but as you can see, they pulled it off wonderfully.

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