BACK STREET GIRLS Sounds Like a New Ridiculous Anime

I have a prediction. Back Street Girls is going to become one of the most meme-able anime ever. Anime Mojo recently announced what the show’s premise will be:

Bakku Sutorīto Gāruzu or Back Street Girls in English follows three inept yakuza underlings who just royally screwed up on a big job. Their boss gives them two choices: commit Seppuku or undergo “gender reassignment surgery” and form an idol group. After the surgery and a year of training, the group actually becomes popular and turns into a major moneymaker for the criminal organization.

This sounds like one of those crazy, ridiculous anime that will either be the best show you’ve seen in a while, or it will be terrible. It is reported that the anime adaptation (that’s right, like most anime it has a manga) will be done by Studio J.C. Staff with Chiaki Kon (Golden Time, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3) as director and Susumu Yamakawa as the writer. The show should be released sometime this summer in Japan with no word on a release to the US yet. I hope Netflix picks this one up. If you can read Japanese, feel free to check the official site here.

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