BACK TO THE FUTURE 2 Pepsi Perfect Bottles Coming Later This Month!

We are currently living in the future of Back to the Future Part II. Over the past few months, we've seen hoverboards in action and there are powerlace shoes coming from Nike! Now it's been announced that we'll be getting the futurist bottles of Pepsi Perfect this month, and there's even a commercial for you to watch!

Pepsi has announced that the limited edition bottle will be released on October 21st. When talking about the bottle, Lou Arbetter, PepsiCo's senior director of marketing said:

"Fans have always been a little crazy about it, and so we wanted to take advantage of the fact that Marty travelled to the future, to this month, and wanted to actually come out with the product."

Pepsi is only making a run of 6,500 bottles, and if you want one it will cost you $20.15, which is a lot cheaper than the $50 Marty paid for his Pepsi Perfect in the film. The bottle will be sold online. Make sure to follow Pepsi's social media pages to find out where exactly you can purchase it.

Source: USA Today

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