BACK TO THE FUTURE Trilogy Art Prints by Laurent Durieux

Like many of you, I love the Back to the Future trilogy, and it's a franchise that I hope never gets put on the remake list by Hollywood. Back to the Future Part III is the movie in the trilogy that seems to get the least amount of love, which is why it was so cool to come across this fantastic piece of tribute art for the third film in the series. It features Doc and Marty riding through the streets of Hill Valley at night on top of the DeLorean, which being pulled by horses. This is part of a trilogy set that was created by Laurent Durieux, I've included the posters for the other two films as well that were previously released. We posted the one for Part II earlier this year, but we never got the first print in the set out. You can see all three those below. The BTTF III print will be available on September 20th to the 21st at Mondo-Con, which is taking place in Austin, TX.

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