BACK TO THE FUTURE Mondo Poster by Matt Taylor

This energetic Back to the Future poster by Matt Taylor “really cooks.” I don’t think you guys are ready for it yet, but your kids are gonna love it. There are several elements from different parts of the film that Taylor combined into one electrifying piece of art. They are all slightly conflicting, though. The Gibson ES-335 is from the 1955 dance where he’s was wearing a suit. And in the scene where Marty blows up the giant speaker in 1985, he’s playing his little Erlewine Chiquita guitar sans the red vest. Since this could all be explained away by some kind of future adventure screwing up the space-time continuum, I figure, what the hell? Have a sip of Pepsi Free and just go with it.

The 18” X 24” prints will first go on sale at the Mondo booth at Thought Bubble in Leeds, which opens November 15th, 2014. Whatever is left will go on sale after the convention. So if you’re looking to pick up this poster, stay tuned for an announcement on Mondo News.

Thanks to XombieDirge!

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