BAD BOYS 3 Is Getting a Screenwriter

Movieby Joey Paur

Sony Pictures is looking to get a third Bad Boys movie into production, and they are looking at hiring Safe House writer David Guggenheim to take a crack at the script. I never thought we'd see another Bad Boys movie, but the studio obviously wants to push it forward. They are also looking to bring back Will Smith and Martin Lawrence to reprise their roles as the crazy undercover cops who fight crime with big gun battles, lots of explosions, chaotic destruction, and harsh language. 

Michael Bay directed the first two movies, but it doesn't look like he'll be coming back for the third. He's all about Transformers now! It's fine though, it shouldn't be hard for the studio to find a replacement who can mimic Bay's directing style.

Bad Boys is a fun, over the top action franchise. If they made another one that looked just as entertaining, I'd watch it. They aren't the greatest movies in the world, but they are fun to watch, and I enjoy going to the movies for a fun time. 

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