Badass Trailer for the Animated Feature MASTER JIANG AND THE SIX KINGDOMS

All right animation fans, we've got a amazingly cool trailer for a Chinese animated film that you have to watch called Master Jiang and the Six Kingdoms. This movie looks absolutely incredible, and I was completely blown away by what I saw in this 5-minute trailer. What makes this film even more impressive is that all of the traditional animation in it comes from only two guys! There names are Li Wei and Pei Fei, and they previously worked on a film called God Hunters.

The film revolves around the "awakening of an ancient evil put to sleep during an era of darkness. The awakening of this evil will ultimately unite kingdoms from around the world, as well as an unlikely hero called the 'Fishing rod child,' who will rise to the occasion to counter this threat."

The stunning movie will be released sometime in 2016.