BANG BANG BABY Trailer Is Trippy Good Fun

If you’ve been waiting for a revival of the ‘60s-style science fiction musical (I know I have), Bang Bang Baby just might be the movie for you. Starring Jane Levy, Justin Chatwin, and Peter Stormare, the movie is about an aspiring singer in a small town whose dreams seem about to come true when her favorite rockstar comes to her town, until their chance meeting is maybe ruined when the local chemical plant springs a leak and everyone starts mutating.

I know you’re probably thinking that we’ve seen this movie a hundred times before, but... Just kidding. We've never seen anything like this before. Director Jeffrey St. Jules has brought a surreal, kitschy aesthetic that looks wicked fun. Bang Bang Baby will premiere on September 8 at the Toronto Film Festival. I’m interested to see the reviews, because this looks like a unique moviegoing experience. You can watch the trailer below.

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