Banksy Releases "Director's Cut" Showing How He Destroyed His Painting at The Auction


Banksy made headlines yet again in a big way when a work of his was shredded mere moments after selling for 850,000 pounds or $1.4 million at a Sotheby’s Auction. The painting has allegedly doubled in value following the stunt, and the circumstances behind it led many to believe it was a planned stunt.

Now, the artist has uploaded a “director’s cut” of his stunt that answers some of the questions folks had about how this happened. For example, a worker reveals that Banksy requested to make a frame for the piece which he had given away nearly a decade earlier, and that it’s a common practice for artists to do. He also showed a demo run of the painting being destroyed, and the device that was used to trigger the shredder.

The only question I have after this question though has to do with the trial run of the shredding, which shreds a picture identical to the original piece.

How can we be sure the piece shredded is actually the painting that was sold? Is high-valued art meaningless? Am I thinking too much into this? Check out the video below:

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