Batman and TMNT Laplanders with Pump-Activated Bat Wings and Nunchucks

Yesterday we posted a some geeky t-shirts and hoodies that would all make for lazy/last-minute Halloween costumes. They were all cool looking enough to rock throughout the year as well, but winter is on its way and soon tees and sweatshirts aren’t gonna cut it in most places. So if you or your kids still wanna show off some geeky threads through the cold months, here are a couple laplander hats with a cool twist. These Batman and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles laplanders have pumps on the left tassels that activate flaps on the side of the hats. The Batman logo hat has bat wing flaps, and the TMNT hat features Michelangelo’s face on the front with nunchuck flaps on the side. They run for $24.99 each on Think Geek (Product Pages: Batman / TMNT).

Side note: This kid seems genuinely happy to wear the Batman hat, but it looks like he's having to force a smile for the TMNT one. Maybe Mikey just isn't his favorite turtle, I don't know. I am getting a future serial killer vibe from the pic below, though. Stop staring into my soul!

(Click detail images to enlarge)

Thanks to FashionablyGeek!

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