BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM — Joker and Batman Statues From Sideshow

Sideshow Collectibles has revealed a couple of amazing-looking premium format figures for Batman: Arkham Asylum. There are statues of both The Joker and Batman, and as you'll see, they are pretty damn awesome. They won't be the only characters we see, either. There's going to be a whole collection of characters released that collectors are going to want to get their hands on. 

First up, The Joker:

Teetering over 24” tall, the deranged criminal mastermind is nearly bursting with glee, seizing control of the Arkham Asylum in what might be his most diabolical scheme ever. Sporting an impeccably tailored recreation of his weathered purple pinstripe suit, the self-styled Clown Prince of Crime waves his ‘Ace of Spades’ revolver in one hand, while the other conceals more tricks up his sleeve.
With one look at the maniacal glint in his eye and disturbing smile etched across his face, you can almost hear Mark Hamill’s lilting voice deliver the Joker’s jeering taunts, as Gotham City’s most sadistic villain positively sways in anticipation of going face-to-face with Bats once again. And surely, it won’t be long before the Dark Knight is on his way…

Next up, Batman:

Celebrating a long legacy of comic book mythos, 2009’s Batman: Arkham Asylum delivered a revolutionary experience with advanced, compelling gameplay on every level – from immersive high-impact brawls and nail-biting stealth, to multifaceted forensic investigation, epic supervillain encounters and glimpses into Bruce Wayne’s tortured psychology. Straight from the exciting video game which sparked an entire groundbreaking saga, Sideshow is proud to present the headline hero of our new Arkham collection, the Batman: Arkham Asylum Premium Format™ Figure.
Trapped in the depths of a mental hospital for the criminally insane with Gotham City’s most dangerous villains, Batman is poised for combat atop an Arkham Asylum themed base.
An interchangeable swap-out hand keeps a Batarang at the ready, as the solitary crime fighter moves stealthily in the shadows, instigating fear among enemies. Decked out in his industrial style Batsuit from the game, the Dark Knight’s iconic black and grey costume features intricate texture detailing, wicked bladed gauntlets and a free-flowing tailored cape.

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