BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT — Batmobile's Pursuit and Battle Modes Explained

Batman: Arkham Knight is the first next-gen game that really makes me want to get a new console. With the recently announced delay, pushing it back to sometime in 2015, I've got time to start saving my game money. We posted a teaser trailer for the "battle mode" of the Batmobile that looks pretty crazy. A full trailer will be released around the E3 conference.

Tina Amini at Kotaku got a 20 min hands-on demo of the Batmobile. I picked a couple excerpts from where she talks about the 2 modes, "pursuit" and "battle". But you can read her full hands-on experience here.

Pursuit Mode:
This is the Batmobile at its most blazingly fast speeds. Imagine a situation in which you, as Batman, are gliding through the air and need to make a transition into a chase. Players can call in their vehicle, swoop and glide into the driver's seat from above, and continue on their pursuit in style.

Battle Mode:
This mode makes the Batmobile feel heavier, driving at slower speeds with more deliberate movements and equipped with heavy firing options. In this transformation, the Batmobile's got a host of various weapons: cannons, a riot suppressor, rockets, sharp sticks, and more. Since Arkham Knight will introduce infantries, tanks, and airborne drones, this tank version of the Batmobile is a necessary combatant to that.

DC All Access interviewed the developers at Rocksteady and in the video below they talk about the Batmobile and why this game is next-gen only.

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