Batman Arkham Origins SDCC Exclusive Play Arts Figure Available for Pre-order

SDCC is almost upon us, and with that comes a load of exclusive goodies just for attendees of the show. Square Enix however did not want to leave anyone out in the cold, so even if you're not going to be at the show, you can still snag one of these sweet variants of the Arkham Origins-style Batman. Only 1,000 of these bad boys will be made, split between the show and online, so make sure to claim yours early.

I'm a big fan of the Play Arts line of heavily articulable figures, and this version comes with all the bells and whistles the line is known for. The biggest pluses are the articulated cape, and the included batarang and grapple gun, with a few interchangeable hands to boot. I can't get over how pretty that paint job is either, but anything can look fantastic in a photo, so I would love to see it in person to give it a final evaluation. You can order yours now (to ship in August) for $99.99.