Batman Gives You a Tour of THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE's Wayne Manor in "Gotham Cribs"

We're close enough to the release of The LEGO Batman Movie that I was hesitant about watching any other promotional materials from the film in fear of ruining any more of the movie's funny moments in advance. (As you know, comedies tend to feature many of their best jokes in the trailers.) But thankfully, The LEGO Batman Movie marketing team has commissioned an entirely separate video from the animators that humorously promotes the movie while not featuring any footage from it. They've created an episode of a fake show called "Gotham Cribs," which gives us a tour of Wayne Manor hosted by Batman/Bruce Wayne (Will Arnett), and /Film confirmed with the studio that none of this footage appears in the movie.

I realize it's not necessarily practical for studios to do stuff like this (pay animators for extra work that doesn't appear in the final feature), but I wish they'd take this advertising tack more often. Sell the idea and the tone of the movie without giving away the best parts — it's a win-win for the audience! In any case, I'm definitely looking forward to The LEGO Batman Movie, which hits theaters on February 10, 2017. Are you?

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