Batman Stands in Superman’s Shadow - Art by Kenny Ruiz

You’d think that with Batman and Superman knowing each other’s alter egos they’d pick less conspicuous places to meet than rooftops. Yet that’s almost always where they meet. I guess it makes for a more dramatic looking comic book panel than Superman visiting the Batcave where Bruce Wayne is lounging around in his boxers — or in the case of TDKR, wearing a robe and a depression beard.

Adding to the evidence that it looks damn cool when these two superheroes meet on rooftops is this piece from Kenny Ruiz. There is so much being expressed about these characters, their abilities, and their standing with each other in such a simple way! Zack Snyder, if you’re on the hunt for an iconic interpretation of this matchup to emulate for future Batman Vs. Superman posters… look no further.

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