BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES Intro Gets a Stop-Motion LEGO Recreation

The intro to the classic Batman: The Animated Series has been recreated in stop-motion LEGO form and it's pretty damn fun. It was created by Kyle Roberts and it's so cool that after all these years, fans are still paying tribute to this animated masterpiece. The video came with the following note from the creators:

There's only one way "Batman: The Animated Series" could get more awesome and that's brick by brick. Stop motion enthusiasts Kyle Roberts and Nathan Poppe are back with their latest reimagined '90s cartoon opening credits. This time they've given it a LEGO twist because "The LEGO Batman Movie" hits theaters Feb. 10 and nobody's looking forward to it more than these nerds. 

"I can safely say my childhood wouldn't have been the same without Batman or LEGO. It only felt natural to see them combined in stop motion heaven,” said Poppe. 

“I remember coming home from school almost every day and turing on this show. It’s one of my all time favorites. It was for sure a labor of love recreating this intro,” Roberts says. 

It took more than 1,000 photos, 40 hand drawn backgrounds and more than 300 hours of work to complete this stop motion project. Paired with Belgium composer Joris Hermy's sweeping soundtrack, this tribute is a work of art and a fun, nostalgic trip for Batman fans of all sizes. Joris scored all of the 'Bad Days' animated episodes over at MarvelousTV. Tighten your utility belt and get ready to click "watch again" to catch all the Easter eggs.

All their hard work paid off, and I know fans will enjoy what they've done here, so check it out!

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