BATMAN The Arcade Game - People Dig the Car


You know, for all the deserved flack it received, Batman and Robin did actually have a cool Batmobile, it just happened to be in a terrible movie. Anyway, each of us has a favorite, and Specular Interactive wants you to experience those and 8 more versions of the iconic vehicle in their new Arcade Cabinet, simply titled Batman

BM_WP_Dual_PF (1).jpg

The cabinet itself is pretty sweet looking,  and once you get in the seat (or cockpit in the Batwing's case) you (or you and a buddy in the 2 player mode) take on a series of missions in the open world version of Gotham with your vehicle of choice, culminating in 3 separate boss fights with the Joker, Penguin, and my favorite, Mr. Freeze. There is a part of me that hopes to see an unlockable Arnold voice track for the game, but I'm sure I'm in the minority on that one. Either way, the game looks like a fun reason for a trip out to Dave and Buster's one night, and the developers said everything moves at 60 fps. If you're interested in the process of how this game came to be, make sure to check out Arcade Heroes interview with Specular Interactive here. Its definitely worth a read, and check out some of the screens and trailers below to get an idea of what the game will look and play like. 

I wish I had more time to spend at arcades, as I miss unique experiences like this. It brings back memories of many times from my childhood when I couldn't wait to get in and play these types of games. If you're at your local arcade in Nashville, there is a chance you'll see me in the cockpit, and don't make fun of me if I'm actually wearing a cowl while I'm playing. 

I also might break out the Batsuit, and in that case you are allowed to laugh, you just can't film it or take pictures. I do have a small sliver of cred to maintain.