BATMAN V SUPERMAN - Doomsday Confirmed and Villain Easter Eggs Revealed

Let's take a little break from all the Star Wars news, and talk about some things happening with Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The following information might be considered SPOILER territory for some of you, so I'm just throwing out the warning. The information contains a few surprise villain Easter Eggs that will be included in the story. 

It was previously reported that Doomsday would be in the movie, but Badass Digest solidly confirms it in their report. One of the other villains that is mentioned is KGBeast, who is one of Lex Luthor's evil agents. The site explains:

"Yes! Lex Luthor has many agents making his dark agenda a reality, an agenda that includes keeping an eye on all metahumans, mainly a woman who walks the streets today but who is seen in pictures from the 1800s. A wonder woman, you might say. At any rate, one of Luthor's agents has a name, and that name is Anatoli Knyazev. Hardcore fans will recognize that as the name of the KGBeast, a Batman villain introduced in 1988's classic Ten Nights of the Beast storyline. In that story the Beast, an enhanced agent of the KGB, came to the US to kill ten targets, and he did it with extreme measures, including poisoning an entire 200 person dinner party to get one guy. He battled Batman to a standstill, and at one point when entangled in the Batrope the KGBeast cut off his own hand to escape. He of course put a cybernetic gun on the stump, as you do."

The report says that we won't see this version of KGBeast in the movie, but the character's name is in the script. It's more of an easter egg for all the fans that I guess could possibly lead into something more. 

There's one other big easter egg that you will find in Batman v Superman. Apparently, the Joker already exists in the cinematic universe that they've set up and Superman knows about him. Unfortunately, we wont see him in the movie either, but who knows where it will lead.

I'm really looking forward to seeing how all of these upcoming movies tie together. 

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