BATMAN V SUPERMAN Production Designer Offers Details on The New Batmobile

There’s been a ton of news and information pouring out online recently for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice because of the most recent issue of Empire Magazine. It’s filled with all kinds of great stuff for the movie. To catch up on what we’ve posted so far, click here.

The latest interview is with production designer Patrick Tatopoulos, and he talks about the development process of bringing the new Batmobile to life and what it's actually capable of doing.

"[Truly] an emotional process - it's about what feels right. I showed Zack and Zack said, 'Cool.' Sometimes it just clicks. These films are very grounded. There will be tons of CG, but also a lot of real stuff - especially with Batman. Of course, building a car from scratch is challenging. The car drives, jumps, pretty much does everything. We got the best people."

He goes on to offer more details on the car, and how it will first be introduced to the audience in the movie:

"He is not driving a Formula 1 car, he's driving a tank that is very sexy looking. Batman is rougher, tougher, and grungier. So everything is rough: the weapons, the suit and the car. There are machine guns mounted on the front. When you first see the Batmobile, it is being fixed. It is not - boom! - coming out of the garage brand new. It is scratched, damaged.”

After 20 years of fighting crime and battling some evil villains, it makes sense that the vehicle would be beat to hell. Tatopoulos also wanted to make sure this new version of the vehicle was different than the versions we’ve previously seen:

“Batmobiles are often designed very low to the ground, something classical. That didn't feel fully comfortable for us. I thought the Tumbler was a revolutionary design, with the suspension very high up. I wanted to combine the two vehicles. I wanted something of a motorcycle, too: big wheels, suspension, exhausts."

Tatopoulos then talks about how the designs of this film were influenced by the upcoming Justice League films, which I thought was interesting. He says:

"With The Justice League coming, it influences my designs of the Batcave, the Batmobile, the Batwing. We are creating a world for Batman - every set, every prop, is real. We have to be ready for what's next." 

We got a good look at some of these insanely detailed props at Comic-Con earlier this month, which you can check out here. As I’ve said before, there’s no doubt in my mind that this movie is going to be visually stunning in every way. It will be interesting to see how it all evolves as we move through the upcoming DC solo films and into Justice League.

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