Batman Voice Actor Kevin Conroy Says He Would Play Old Bruce Wayne in Live-Action BATMAN BEYOND Movie


Fans of legendary Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy have always wanted to see him take on the role of the caped crusader in a live-action film setting. The actor doesn't really have the physical build for the role, but that voice of his is a thing of beauty. 

If there ever was a live-action Batman film that he could actually play Bruce Wayne in, it would have to be Batman Beyond! The story is set in the years 2040 and Bruce Wayne is an old 85-year-old man who has retired from crime fighting due to his age and a heart attack. A movie like this would be a perfect opportunity for Conroy and he knows it. 

When asked by CBM if he would be interested in playing Batman in a live-action film he said: 

"Well, let’s start a writing campaign before I get too old. It would be so much fun! No, at this point, I’d have to be old Bruce Wayne in Batman Beyond or something like that."

I'd love to see Conroy play old Bruce Wayne in Batman Beyond! What fan wouldn't!? I doubt it will ever happen, but this is the one storyline that it really could work with. What do you all think? Would you like to see Conroy take on the role of old Bruce Wayne in a Batman Beyond movie? 

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