BATTLE FOR THE GRID Getting Physical Release Later This Year on Nintendo Switch and PS4

Here’s a bold move for you. nWay and Hasbro have teamed up with Limited Run to release physical copies of Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid on Nintendo Switch and PS4. There are a lot of pissed fans who were asking for a physical release before the game launched only to be told that the game was only going to be digital for the time being. While that has been true, several fans feel cheated since they would’ve preferred a physical copy of the game.

Now, the game will be available in a Standard Edition and a Mega Edition. The Mega Edition will have the physical game with the standard case but will also have an 18” x 24” double-sided poster, a “Deluxe Morpher SteelBook with inset magnet recess,” and five power coins that attach magnetically to the steelbook.

Both versions will include the content from the Season One Pass and the Collector’s Edition skins as well as a full-color art book and strategy guide. The cartridge also appears to include all of this and the update one content and update two content. Hm…I wonder what will be included in that update. I would hope it features Jen Scott and Lauren Shiba along with more for the Story Mode.

Both of these editions are available for pre-order now and are limited in quantity with pre-orders closing on July 5. The games are expected to ship out around November at the moment. I think this is very bold given the state of the current game. I continue to see people talk about how dead the online gameplay is (in part because lobbies aren’t a thing yet), but maybe this physical release combined with the PC release later this year and the release on Google Stadia will help revitalize this game.

Come on nWay! I want this game to succeed, but is it too late for a physical release?

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