BATTLE FOR THE GRID Launches Season Pass and Finally Feels Complete with 1.3 Update

Today’s a big day for fans of Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid. Not only is the Season 1 Pass going live bringing 2 characters plus one later this summer, but the game is also getting a free update to version 1.3 which finally makes the game feel complete.

First let’s talk about the characters. Over on Twitter, nWay finally revealed who the three characters for the first Season Pass will be and it’s freaking exciting. We already knew that Gold Zeo Ranger was coming, albeit fans were expecting it to be Jason and not Trey of Triforia, and many had figured that Jen Scott, the Pink Time Force Ranger, would make an appearance due to her prominence in the story, but everyone’s shocked at the inclusion of Lord Zedd.

To me, this is a lovely surprise that makes sense considering the fact that Zedd is not only a fan favorite, but he’s also the big bad in the Necessary Evil storyline in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comics. Now, Trey and Jen will be available today, but Zedd will be released later this summer which means to expect him in either August or September. This is very exciting for fans and I can’t wait to play with all these new characters.

Now let’s talk about the 1.3 update. This update finally makes the game feel finished and like what many thought it would be like at launch. Of course, the update does some balance tweaking between the fighters, but there’s more to it. The biggest part is that there are now Direct Matches which let you challenge your friends! Fans have been wondering where this feature has been from the start and now we’ll be able to fight our friends and show who the superior Ranger (or Villain) is. That’s not all though. The update also brings players crossplay and cross-progression for Nintendo Switch and Xbox One! This will be thanks to nWayPlay which is nWay’s new development platform that allows player IDs and creates a social system for players.

We finally have all the features that we were promised before launch and while I wish that the game had launched with all this, I’m glad we finally have it. This means that the biggest drawback is the character roster. I still wish Battle for the Grid had a more varied roster, but I’m sure over time they’ll be growing it more and more. You can purchase the individual characters for $6.99 or the Season Pass for $14.99.

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