Battle Homemade Combat Bots in D&D with CLOCKWORK COMBAT CHAMPIONSHIP

If you’re a fan of Battle Bots and Dungeons & Dragons, Clockwork Combat Championship has been written for you. This unofficial one-shot from Drew Dawes is hilarious and looks like a lot of fun. The premise is that your party ends up going to an event called the Communion of Laughter.

At this event, the party creates their own Combat Bots with different materials and weapons, and then enter a tournament to see who comes out on top. It is meant to just be some levity in your adventure after finishing a rough adventure, or even just for kicks and giggles. What is even better, is that there are tips for running Clockwork Combat Championship as a charity event including using donations from the audience to add to the game.

Clockwork Combat Championship is a 5th edition one-shot adventure to entertain audiences during charity gaming events, but also fits perfectly within campaigns of any level. It introduces a new character creation method to build your very own combat bot in the Build-A-Bot Workshop! New simplified combat mechanics makes for a fun stand-alone mini game.

You can purchase Clockwork Combat Championship on DMs Guild for $3.95. All profits go to Extra Life.

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