BATTLE KITTY Will Be Netflix's Next Animated Interactive Series

We recently learned about the new interactive series coming to Netflix for adults called You vs. Wild, and now Netflix has unveiled their next interactive animated show geared more towards children. The show is called Battle Kitty, and it comes from Matt Layzell. With a name like that, I’m actually a little interested. The idea for the show came from The Adventures of Kitty & Orc which comes from Layzell’s Instagram account (Warning: there is NSFW content on said account). After looking at said account, I know this show is going to be weird. I’m not sure if it’ll be good weird or bad weird yet. Layzell said the following about the show:

Netflix has given me the incredible opportunity to help change how young people see themselves. Like Kitty, an aspirational underdog with a big spirit of determination, I want kids who feel small to realize instead that they can stand strong, have friends, and go on to do amazing things.

If you’re on the fence about this show, you might want to check it out anyway because Alex Hirsch, the creator of Gravity Falls, apparently has been overhearing a lot about the show as his office is next to theirs. There is no release date yet for Battle Kitty.

Via: Variety

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