BATTLE PRINCESS OF ARCADIAS - Battling Monsters With Princess Plume


Is it sad that I look forward to defeating my first monster, only so I can utter the words, "You Got Served!" I know, I know, the movie was terrible, but I will hold on to that phrase for dear life. Regardless of my bad lingo, what's not bad is the ridiculous and over the top nature of Battle Princess of Arcadia's hack and slash combat. The game also scratches that "gimme that loot!" itch, and includes a robust upgrade and enhancement system to boot. You can swap your various party members in and out during battles, which are separated into three categories. Regular battles classify as combat, and have you and 2 others of your team taking on the enemy. Skirmishes are team vs. team, and sieges feature your entire team against ancient enemies, akin to huge boss characters. 

It reminds me very much of the multi-tiered system that I loved from the Suikoden series, but with a much heavier action bent. Peep the trailer above to see the colorful art style in action, and catch the slideshow below to catch some screens from the English release. The game is out now on the PSN network for $30.00. 

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