BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Movie Reboot Moves Forward

Variety reports that Battlestar Galactica is getting a reboot at Universal. Around 2009 there were whispers of Bryan Singer developing a movie based on the series, but that never went beyond rumors. Creator of the original 1978 TV series Glen A. Larson is set to produce this new iteration. Jack Paglen, writer of of the underwhelming-looking Transcendence and possible writer of the Prometheus sequel, has signed on. It sounds like the 2003 series producer Ronald D. Moore is not involved, but who knows what details might emerge.

This reimagining of Battlestar Galactica with the original creator and an unproven writer is an intriguing combo so far. Thanks to a bigger budget and modern effects, the scope, scale, and action will easily be beyond what we've seen on TV. But can they create a successful 2 hour story for people who aren't fans of either series run? This announcement is pretty early in the development process, so everything is subject to change.