Baz Luhrmann May Direct an Elvis Presley Biopic

So even though a couple weeks ago we were all talking about the possibility of Baz Luhrmann directing an adaptation of Kung Fu for Legendary, apparently he is also in talks to direct an untitled Elvis Presley biopic for their archnemesis Warner Bros., which, honestly, seems like a more natural project for the director.

The Wrap reports that the script for the project is being written by Kelly Marcel (Saving Mr. Banks, Fifty Shades of Grey) and is not based on any existing material. Since it’s original, we don’t have any idea what periods of his life the film will cover. I think Luhrmann could go bananas with Vegas-era Elvis, but maybe it’ll be army Elvis. Could you imagine the redesign Luhrmann would give the Army uniform?

Apparently Luhrmann’s possible Kung Fu adaptation is still in development, and no one knows which project will serve as his Great Gatsby follow-up, but you guys, hear me out. He should combine the projects. Do Kung Fu, keep the seventies desert setting, only make it fat, Vegas Elvis searching for his half brother. He could travel from town to town, face off against evildoers, then sing at the town hall when it’s all over. I know that Legendary and Warner Bros. are probably still hurt after their recent split, but this could get them back together. It would be so much better than Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

Luhrmann is also developing a Napoleon miniseries for HBO, but I’m sorry, Baz, I can’t figure out a way to work that one in.

Via: The Wrap

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