BB-8 Desktop Lamp Taps Into The Light Side of The Force

With an appearance in only one movie, BB-8 has already become one of the most beloved characters in the entire Star Wars saga. It's easy to see why: the lovable little droid is brave, clever, and has a killer sense of humor.

Now you can utilize your own BB-8 to shine a light — the light side of the Force, even — into your bedroom or office. ThinkGeek has a cool BB-8-themed desktop lamp for sale. This officially licensed product has three different lighting modes, which you can read about in the official description below. If you're interested in picking one up, click here.

He doubles as a projector, a fire extinguisher, a navigator, and a power coupler. We know all the things that R2-D2 does, but we don't yet know all the things BB-8 can do, having just been introduced. Maybe BB-8 also doubles as a lamp in a sticky situation. We just don't know.
But it definitely can double as a lamp for you. This BB-8 Desktop Lamp stands 8 1/2" tall and casts light on your subject of choice, whether that's astronavigation or algebra. It has LED light inside the head, which shines downward through a diffuser. A gentle tap on BB-8's head switches between three different lighting modes: natural white, amber, and warm white. And off. Also a good mode when you need to go to sleep.
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